Wednesday, November 10, 2010

7 Reasons Why Due Date (2010) Wasn't Really a Good Film

Due Date wasn't really a good film. Because ...

1- Chemistry: Let's face it, most of us didn't like it in high school. Those of us who did, utilised it well enough to carve a good life out of it. Not jealous one bit. But, it is unanimously accepted that it is an integral part of films. No chemistry and your disbelief's suspension extends beyond acceptable limits. Due Date lacked chemistry between two actors, who are independently at the top of their game. Neither their enmity, nor their fundamental differences communicated well because of that. As for when they become best buds … awkward!

2- Humour: Let's face it, it is the single most essential element in comedy. Yes, you are right to argue that comedies with heart endure with their poignancy and warmth. But, what clearly differentiates comedy from other genres is, well, the comedy. Due Date is funnier than your average comedy when it comes to individual scenes, but its whole is not. With the talent involved (and the shining, collective CV they have between them), it all felt a little flat and compromised.

3- Women: Let's face it, they're great. And Due Date is not the only film with a weak female character. But, demoting an able actress and a seemingly important character to just answering her phone and holding her bulging belly throughout a film is nigh-on insulting. Did the story require more from Michelle Monaghan? Not in its present form, but a meatier role would have made her (and the film) infinitely more interesting.

4- Jamie Foxx: Let's face it, he ruins everything.

5- Masturbating dog: Let's face it, that is hilarious on YouTube, but despite how we produce and watch films have changed dramatically over the years, there is still a clear distinction between a professional production and when you press the click on your mouse to activate your webcam. Masturbating dog is funny on the web, not so funny in a film. Masturbating Zach Galifianakis, now that is funny.

6- Tangents: Let's face it, life is full of them. You cannot stick to a course without being tempted by a tangent and go in a direction that will only derail your progress. Films do that a lot, but mostly to fill up the feature-length. Some work (Mike Yanagira in Fargo), some don't (Mexican border in Due Date). There is absolutely no reason for that scene. Yes (SPOILER ALERT!), they use the Federale truck to make it to L.A., but they already had a vehicle. A much nicer vehicle too.

7- Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Let's face it, it's a bazillion times better.


DubMC said...

Really strong points, particularly when it comes to women, Jamie Foxx and that dumbass Mexican scene... although the Texico joke was a good one

ปลากริมไข่เต่า said...

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