Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Ruins (2008)

Four good-looking and white American kids go abroad, only to be gobbled up by an ivy/rose hybrid that likes to imitate sounds. Meanwhile, non-Spanish-speaking natives make sure that they don't have a means to escape.

Once you get over the blatant xenophobia disguised as an eco-thriller (I couldn't, but I'm sure someone out there will ... perhaps a good-looking white American), it is not half as bad as you would expect. It is a sofcore horror-porn, where after the first sign of claret and flesh, there is a considerable amount of time without any trips to the bathroom. Unfortunately, director Carter Smith couldn't resist and he presents us with flesh-eating plants, amputation, self-inflicted wounds ... and a hand-job. The only character that is remotely interesting - Mathias - is rendered incapacitated / impotent for the most part, so we are left with four people we don't actually care. Should I mention that Mathias is German? Or, would that be xenophobia on my part?

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Blarneyman said...

What a stupid premise. American kids don't travel outside of America, especially not as backpackers. What a ludicrious notion. :-p

Are you sure the kids were not Canadian?


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