Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Transformers (2007)

Perhaps the worst thing that can be said about a movie is when the actual subject matter, or simply the gist of it, is the least interesting part. As soon as the first Decepticon enters our screen, the movie takes an infinite plunge towards a state that I can't even bring myself to utter here.

Shia LeBoef plays Sam, whose grandfather came across Megatron during his expedition to the Arctic circle. He finds himself a target for the Decepticons - the baddies. They are after a cube that has supposed to spawn life in the universe. In their tail are the Autobots - the good guys. What ensues is a bloody mess to save the humans. How many millions of dollars of damage the battle cost the humanity is never mentioned. Nor is the psychological impact. Nor the dead bodies. Unless they are fighting for us, it's okay for us to sacrifice ourselves, right?

The family interaction between Sam and his parents is priceless. LeBoef gives an excellent performance and once again proves that he is one of the most talented young actors of our time. However, once the family is out of the picture, the film never recovers. There are one too many subplots that lead nowhere logical. The writers, or Michael Bay, have forgotten the basic ingredients like story and character development. Instead they sacrifice both to serve a stupid plot line.

Other than a couple of slow-mo fight scenes between the titular 'heroes', the CGI is confusing and, frankly, rather cheap. This is nothing but a big-budget advertisement for General Motors and its gas guzzlers.

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